If you'd like to shop in person, email info@mgems.ca to book an apt.


What is your return policy?
There are no returns available at this time.

2 Week Guarantee! We take great pride in the quality of our jewelry. If your jewelry displays a manufacturer's default within the first 2 weeks ( of purchase) , we will be happy to fix, exchange or credit you. ( If your item qualifies for a credit, the credit is only on in stock items, and excludes custom pieces) 

Please contact us to see if your purchase is eligible for exchange.

Custom pieces, such as custom initial jewelry, are not eligible for exchange and are always final sale from time of purchase. 

Clearance items / 50 percent off sale items, are all final sale

Can I pick up my order?
Yes. Free contactless pick up available in Thornhill. Choose pick up at checkout. Await an email notifying you the order is ready for pickup. Please respond to the email to arrange pickup time.

Do you ship to the US?
Yes , shipping is free on orders of $125 or more.

Can I shop in person?
We are an online shop only at this point. If you want to see more pictures of an item you can book a facetime appointment, feel free to email us.

Can I pay using etransfer/ venmo/ zelle, etc...?

Yes, if you’d like to pay differently to what is available on the website, contact us and we will try and accommodate you as best as we can. Thank you.

This purchase is a gift and I would like to write a card, can you include it in the parcel?

Absolutely, write a short note in the notes or contact us separately and we’ll include your note in the gift.

I want to order something that says sold out, can I? 
Please contact us and we will try and accommodate your request. Thanks